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We are glad to introduce you the fire effect bulb, the brand new LED bulb that it’s going to illuminate your home or store like the old times.

Feel the fire all around the place and get hypnotized with the most real fire effect on the market.

This bulb must be accompanied with an opal glass lamp to get a best functionality.

Using LED technology this lamp don’t consume almost any energy just 4 watts.

What are you waiting for to get this lamp? Try it you will love it!

fire bulb effect
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Wow !! Absolutely beautiful.

“I have always been looking for a bulb that could simulate a flickering flame that actually looks real. I thought I would never come across one, until now !! This bulb is absolutely amazing !! The bulb is a bit on the taller size at just over 5″ so make sure it will fit in your fixture. The measurements in the product pictures are pretty accurate. I have had the bulb for a few days now and have tested it in different fixtures to see where it looked best and I have to say that going with a frosted fixture is definitely the best way to go. I also can say that the bulb didn’t over heat or act up with erratic light patterns after being used for some time.The build quality of the bulb is very good and it seems to be quit durable, not that you should be banging it around but it should be good under normal weather conditions etc.Overall I am very pleased with the bulb and highly recommend if its something your looking for as it is the most realistic I have come across for a flame bulb.”

Scott Ellis

Scott Ellis

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